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Software Gardening

You hear many people compare software development to building construction. Nothing could be further from the truth. Buildings are difficult to maintain and change. Software tends to change in unpredictable ways at unpredictable times. Perhaps it’s time to change the comparison. Software development is more like gardening. In the fast-paced session, you’ll learn the tools and techniques need to keep your software lush, green, and vibrant. Experience what many attendees have said is the best session of the conference.
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Code Reviews: The #1 Way to Improve Code Quality

Code Reviews are the #1 way to improve code quality according to a 2016 survey by Smart Bear Software. In this session you will learn the benefits of a code review, different ways to conduct a code review, and overcoming code review roadblocks. We’ll also discuss different tools you can use to make the code review effective for your team. You will walk away with the understanding needed to start or improve code reviews for your team.

Branches and Merges are Bears, Oh My!

Branching and merging our code two of the most fundamental things we do as developers. They are also frequently two of the things that gives us the biggest headaches. It turns out that branching isn’t the pain point. It’s merging. But poor branching practices can make merging more painful. In this session you will learn many causes of poor branching and effective ways to make merges less painful. Whether you are using Git, TFS, Subversion, or something else, you will walk away with useful practices that you can start using right away.
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Healthy Code, Happy Code

Do you do things like exercise, eat good, don’t smoke, don’t drink, or get regular checkups so that you stay healthy and function properly? What about your code? You may do unit testing, acceptance testing, or other things to make sure the code runs properly, but do you take care of the code itself? In this session, you will learn about how to care for code in ways other than testing. We will discuss coding standards, code reviews, static code analysis, and other practices that will keep your code healthy and happy.
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How to Speak Good

Whether we give a presentation in front of hundreds of people or simply want to express our opinion in a meeting at work, effective communication is essential. In this presentation you will lean how to overcome common reservations about public speaking, effective use of PowerPoint, handling questions, and much more. This presentation is designed specifically for technical people and normally runs two hours.
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Unit Testing ASP.NET MVC

ASP.Net MVC is designed with unit testing in mind. Yet, many developers don’t unit testing their MVC applications. This is either because they don’t understand unit testing or can’t figure out how to make it work in MVC. This session will walk you through the whys and hows of MVC unit testing. You will learn about the following:

  • Unit testing basics
  • Why unit testing a controller is not the best idea
  • How to mock the database
  • Basics of Dependency Injection
  • Third-party tools to make unit testing easier